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  • Indian children celebrate planting trees around their school
  • Women's Empowerment Workshop on Leadership has Enthusiastic Participants
  • Tohoku Residents and ICA Staff after Enthusiastically Planting Flowers around their Temporary Homes
  • One month after the Crisis, this Assessment with Local Participants Reveals Vital Urgent Needs
  • Massai in Isinya Kenya Anticipate Victory by Learning Agriculture for the First Time
  • Massai Children Greet Japanese in the Midst of the 3 year Drought

 Basic Training in Facilitation -

Become proficient in Leading Conversations, Consensus Workshops, and Rapid Action Planning.

 Advanced Training in Facilitation - 

Put Facilitation all together to lead groups in Participartory Planning, leading the group through multiple steps of in-depth planning that makes a real difference!
Series Training in Sustainable Community Development - to Create Villages with both Development and Sustainability. Introduce BOP technology, learn to apply strategic Principles of Development, and Comprehsive Programs for meaningful living.

In House Facilitation - 

Hire a Certified Facilitator for your next Training Program - we provide the best Facilitation for Organizations, Government Leaders and Companies. Call now!

Overseas Training and Facilitation -

We provide training worldwide, offering the best programs available.  We work with you to tailor the programs to your specific needs.

Training in Fukushima - 

We are providing facilitation and other services in some of the remaining most difficult communities in the disaster area.


Activities of ICA Japan
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Facebook for Mindoro Aid https://www.facebook.com/icajapan.org

Projects of ICA Japan

 Kenya TankPipeWater
Delivery  Flowers
Bihar MPC w ECC  
Purification of Vietnam Lakes
Pune2013 FP 

Activities of ICA supported by funding of many people.
Since I have been active in addition to the above, thank you for your cooperation of everyone.


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Current and Future Projects
History behind 2014 Project Tohoku disaster Relief
History behind 2014 Project ICA Japan Continues Tohoku Support
History behind 2014 Project Vietnam Team leaves for Vietnam on March 15
History behind 2014 Project Many children of poverty-stricken areas are waiting for the opportunity of education in India country Bihar week.
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