Our History and Future

Major Steps on the Journey of ICA Japan

1964 ICA located on Chicago's West Side and began community work in an urban ghetto, which became a Global Demonstration of Peaceful Integrated living.

1970 ICA Japan was established in Kobe and Tokyo.

1973 ICA began human development projects in 24 global locations, one project in each time zone..

1977 Began community project in Yubari, Hokkaido, and completed 15,000 Town Meetings Globally. ICA International office opened in Brussels, Belgium.

1980 ICA:International began work with UNICEF, WHO, USAID, and FAO.

1982 ICA Japan formally established. Began International Youth Workcamp Program.

1985 Granted United Nations Consultative Status by United Nations Economic and Social Council.

1989 ICA Japan started international development with a reforestation project in the Philippines. Established LENS International Inc. to conduct seminars on participation in Japan.

1990 ICA Japan received Award of Excellence from Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan.

1995 ICA Japan's international partnership activities expand to 13 projects in 11 countries.

1998 Training event Global Development Practitioners held in Japan with participants from 13 countries.

2001 ICA Japan became a NPO.  We worked in Vietnam with MPI and World Bank, and initiated the JICA Partnership Program in Kitui, Kenya.

2002 Conducted participative research in Vietnam with Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

2004 The Toyota Environmental Activity Program and the Peru Emergency Aid Project began.

2005 ICA Japan started the 3-year urban slum project in Chiapas, Mexico. 

2006 We started the 3 year Women and Childrens Skill training project, and we built a cluster of classrooms and a multipurpose center.

2008 ICA Japan held the Global Human Development Conference in Gifu, with over 400 participants. This was the sixth Global Conference on Human Development held since the first in 1986 in India.

2010 Japan Platform sent ICA Japan to Peru, Chile, and Brazil to deliver Emergency Aid to relieve the flood and earthquake related crisis's.

2011 Japan Earthquake.

2012 Japan Platform sent ICA Japan to Kenya to deliver emergency Aid in the northwest, we continued our JICA sponsored 4 village project outside of Pune, India. Funded by MOFA, we also started the 3 year project in Northern India building Multi-Purpose Community Centers and training villagers in community development.  In Japan we did several projects in the stricken Tohoku area.

2013 We became a Certified NPO. We began a full-fledged corporate and individual fund raising campaign to release people in severe poverty and those suffering from major disasters. We invite you to invest your time and resourses for this noble cause, to invent a new way of living peacefully on Planet Earth.


More about ICA's international work:

1968 ICA USA began teaching the Global Academy and International Training Institutes in Asia.

1984 Organized the first International Exposition of Rural Development conference in India.

1988 Global conference on Our Common Future in Mexico with 554 participants. 

1990 ICA Asian Network Conference held in Taiwan.

1996 International conference The Rise of Civil Society held in Egypt.

2000 Global conference The Rise of Civil Society held in Denver, Colorado, USA.

2004 Sixth International Conference in Antigua, Guatemala.


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