Tohoku disaster Relief

From 13th Feb. to 31st Feb. 2012

Through the grant from Japan Platform, ICA has been working on the community development activities at Shinchi machi and Souma shi, Fukushima pref.

The following is the details of the activities:

1. The Flower Planting Project:

There are 8 temporary housing sites at Shinchi machi, Fukushima pref. and ICA will run the Flower Planting Project with the people of all temporary housing sites and the volunteers of the neighborhood. Spring at Shinchi machi is coming soon, and we are excited to rebuild the town with a lot of colors and smells of beautiful flowers.

2. Shared Storages at the temporary housing site

Temporary housings will become in use longer than they are originally expected, and the residents of the housings have already been running out of the enough space to keep their own belongings. ICA set up the shared storages at Shinbayashi temporary housing site, Shinchi machi, Fukushima Prefecture. Inside of the aluminum-made storage, hand-made shelves will be made and installed by ICA and the residents.

3. Fishing material distribution to Souma-Futaba fishery cooperative

Fishing materials will be given to Souma-Futaba fishery cooperative, which has been preparing to restart its fishing business.

Reports in Japanese

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