SUSTAINABLE EMERGENCY POVERTY RELIEF  Mindoro Island is the seventh biggest island in Philippines. In this island, many Mangyan people live with their own unique culture, which is quite different from the life style in cities. For example, many elder males wear  G-string, even now, and both males and females always have hand-made bags and large agriculture knives. In addition, they seldom use cash in their life., because they still keep the tradition which is bartering.

   I can say that they are in the poverty group in the Philippines.  Most of them have received big damages by the Hayen Typhoon which happened in November 2013.  Therefore, ICA has conducted the first phase project from December 2013 to January 2014 under Japan Platform; in addition, we, ICA, have started the second phase from 28th Feb.

   In this second phase, we conduct the project which will provide the sustainable food support for Mangyan people.

 Please support us so that Mangyan people will be able to return to their life better than before the disaster!

Maki Hasegawa reporting from Mindoro, the Philippines, March 2, 2014


SUSTAINABLE EMERGENCY AID ICA is starting the second wave of emergency humanitarian aid for the the victims of typhoon Haiyan in Mindoro island of Philippines from tomorrow. This is sustainable aid as we are delivering 20 types of seeds to 1250 families. The first aid was the delivery of food for 3500 families from 28th Dec. 2012 to 31st Jan. 2013.

Motoko Imagi reporting from Mindoro, the Philippines, March 1, 2014




  HANOI LAKES CLEANUP Environmentally healing Aquatic plant rafts float on Hoan Kiem Lake, the mecca of tourist destinations in Hanoi, Vietnam.The plants perform a miracle by using the pollution as their preferred food to make the plants grow. Also please see this wonderful idea being transferred now to other Hanoi lakes including Hoan Kiem Lake, the most famous lake in Hanoi. 

Eiki Kubokawa reporting from Hanoi, Vietnam, March 2013


A village





It was very fortunate to have 10th grade students in our training session in Khamboli on 16th Jan 2013, during the trip of Wayne Ellsworth of ICA Japan. There were  50 students (girls- 35 and boys- 15) were from all four villages of our project area who were invited to join the village adults.  The youth’s contribution was stunning in what they offered!

This was time when Khamboli villagers were quite disinterested in community development activities, they were enjoying their own work individually.  During the training youth were very energetic, participative and positive. We did a brief workshop, asking them their Vision for 2013 for their village development. They shared their vision and dreams, and some of the points were such a creative and they spoke about all villages, not their own. Their thoughts were futuric and comprehensive.

This youth involvement encouraged villagers to unite and re-think about their development activities.  After the meeting a few leaders came to ICA requesting to continue again the process of development that they did before.  They appreciated youth participation and assured that they will begin the development again in the new way. Next day their representation at EEC for the one day Group Facilitation Methods Training session was increased.

Thanks to Mr. Wayne Ellsworth for giving us an idea of involvement of youth in the development. Four teachers present their with students also invited us to do trainings for teachers and high standard students and expressed the willingness of participating in the village development activities.

Shankar Jadhav, reporting from Pune India, January 2013

Shankar Jadhav  2013
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