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Facilitating Client Collaboration with Bill Staples 

10.26.2018 (Friday)

Information Session for Facilitator-type Leadership Training Courses 

10.02.2018 (Monday)

Official end of GlobalGiving Fundraiser, you can still donate!
09.04.2018 (Tuesday) Participatory Community Development Training with Larry and Evelyn


Facilitating Client Collaboration (FCC) by Bill Staples (Nov 27th - 28th)

At the FCC course, you will learn practical tools including assessment and design all the way through to evaluation, collaboratively with your client.


Information Session for "Facilitator-type Leadership Training Courses"

ICA Japan is holding an information session for "Facilitator-type Leadership Training Courses".


The GlobalGiving Fundraising Is Renewed!

Posted December 15. 2018


This year, ICA Japan has been selected by the GlobalGiving Foundation to participate in its Accelerator for September! We raised $2025 thanks to you! This will help Nepalese girls continue their education during their period by providing them with sanitary pads.


Now we are blessed by deeply understanding people who regularly receiving helping. We have a long way to reach. In January we will launch a new campaign in the mountain area - will you give at Christmas time and beyond? Please consider a monthly gift!

Intern's voice: A trip to Choshi City, Chiba

Posted September. 20. 2018


Our four current interns went to Choshi, a city near the coast in Chiba, to analyze what the city needs for community revitalization. Read more about our interns' ideas and experiences during the trip.



Global Festa 2018 Photo Contest

Posted August. 31. 2018


On September 29th-30th, ICA Japan will join Global Festa, Japan's biggest international cooperation event at Odaiba. Moreover, ICA Japan is also participating in a photo contest. Please click the link below and vote for our photo - planting trees in Kenya (Title: "First time planting" (初めての植林))



Participatory Community Development Training (September 4th, 2018)

Posted August. 31. 2018


World-class Facilitation Course in Tokyo with Larry, Director of ICA Taiwan, and Evelyn, Director of ICA International. 



Chief director Sato gave a presentation in Rotary Club of Fujisawa East

Posted June. 05. 2018


Today our chief director Sato gave a presentation of Kenya tree-planting project in Rotary Club of Fujisawa East, from which we also received a donation to the project this year.



"Meetings That Work" achieved a great success!

Posted May. 22. 2018


Thanks to facilitator/lecturer Bill Staples and everyone's active participation, our course "Meetings That Work" last weekend achieved a great success!

Meetings That Work with Bill Staples

Posted April. 04. 2018


Join our course "Meetings That Work", held by famous Canadian facilitator Bill Staples at May 19&20 in Tokyo.

Intern's Voice - Trip to Fukushima

Posted April. 04. 2018


Last week we went to the cities Minamisouma and Namie in Fukushima Prefecture, where we are supporting projects for community revitalization.

Read more about our intern's experiences during the trip.

TOTO Water Environment Foundation Organization Exchange Party

Posted March. 14. 2018


Our Chairman of the Board, Mrs Sato, participated in the TOTO Water Environment Foundation Organization Exchange Party! On that day, the "Grant decision notice letter" was given by Mr. Maehara, general manager of TOTO Co., Ltd., as well as encouragement for the well revitalization project in India starting in April!

Subsidy of "TOTO Water Environment Fund" has been decided

Posted February. 21. 2018


The subsidy of "TOTO Water Environment Fund" has been decided!

Due to the impact of climate change in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh (MP), drought damages has become chronic in recent years and the residents...

ICA Representative on TV

Posted February. 21. 2018


ICA 's Cote d'Ivoire representative was on TV!

Mr. Kanbe, who is currently in the Côte d'Ivoire...

Do Green Project Eye Exam with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc

Posted January.12.2018


From November 10 to 17th 2017, we did an eye health exam with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, India...

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