Date Event
 2017.09.30 - 2017.10.01 Global Festa
2017.11.18 - 19 Meetings that Work with Bill Staples
2017.11.20 - 21 Facilitating Client Collaboration with Bill Staples


Posted September.20.2017


One of the world leading expert on facilitation, Bill Staples will be coming to Tokyo, Japan this November to give two....

Posted September.08.2017


ICA Japan's 2017 Newsletter has been published. This year, the document includes a message from the Vice Chairman of the board Mr. Kurokawa... 

Posted September.04.2017


We all are excited that ICA Japan’s environment is greatly enhanced now that two new people are here and very productive already...

Posted September.03.2017


Next weekend our chicken expert who accompanied us to Côte d’Ivoire will give a lecture about poultry farming...

Posted September.01.2017


We are happy to announce that ICA Japan will once again be at Global Festa this year. Every year, Global Festa is one of the biggest gathering of Japan's NGOs... 

Posted August.24.2017


This month the co-director of ICA Japan, Wayne Ellsworth, travelled to Côte d’Ivoire for 15 days...

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