Major Steps on the Journey of ICA Japan


1964: ICA began community work in Chicago, which became a Demonstration of Peaceful living.


1970: ICA Japan was established in Kobe and Tokyo and doing global training.


1973: ICA began human development projects in around the world.


1977: Began community project in Yubari, Hokkaido.


1982: ICA formally established and doing Town Meetings around Japan. 


1989: ICA started international development with a reforestation project in the Philippines. 


1990: ICA received Award of Excellence from Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan.


1995: ICA Japan's international partnership activities expand to 13 projects in 11 countries.


1998: Training event Development Practitioners held in Japan with participants from 13 countries.


2001: ICA worked in Vietnam with National Government and World Bank.


2001: ICA Japan became a NPO and initiated the JICA Partnership Program in Kitui, Kenya.


2002: Conducted research in Vietnam with Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).


2004: The Toyota Environmental Activity Program and the Peru Emergency Aid Project began.


2005: ICA Japan started the 3-year women’s development in Chiapas, Mexico, funded by JICA.


2008: ICA Japan held the 6th Global Human Development Conference in Gifu, with 400 participants. 


2010: ICA delivered Emergency Aid relief to Peru, Chile and Brazil, funded by Japan Platform.


2011 ICA delivered relief to Fukushima area as response to the Tsunami and Nuclear destruction.  


2012   ICA Japan began working with the business sector for BOP business with KJC and NEC. 


2013  ICA Japan became Certified NPO