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Get to know our current interns and hear from past interns who have worked at ICA Japan. Find out about their experience and how they developed themselves by working with us. 


Barbara, from Germany

Intern from: February 2018 - April 2018


I started my internship at ICA Japan in February 2018 and it was one of the most rewarding experiences regarding my studies. I will soon graduate from my bachelor studies and the internship really helped me finding and shaping my future studies. I was not only able to learn a lot about the projects and human development but also improved soft skills like managing the website, using Photoshop and  my Japanese skills. The most influencing and overwhelming experience was my trip to the cities Namie and Minamisouma in the Fukushima prefecture. It really was interesting to see how the people there work in corporation with the NPO to revitalize the community again.

The working atmosphere at ICA Japan is very friendly and I am glad that I was able to absolve my internship there.

Ricardo, from Canada

Intern from: September 2017 - December 2017


My internship experience at ICA Japan has been non only interesting, but also very rewarding and allowed me to learn a lot about NPOs, community development and other aspect of ICA’s work. This internship also gave me many opportunities that I would have never gotten otherwise, like going to different events around Tokyo to meet new and interesting people, doing a research trip to the city of Asago in the west part of Japan or going to Fukushima to help with cleaning activities. I also acquired a lot of technical skills, notably in web and graphic design. I would certainly recommend this internship to anyone.

Amber, from the Netherlands

Intern from: September 2017 - November 2017


I started working at ICA Japan in september 2017 as a part of my bachelor's degree International Studies. During these 3 months I learned many different things, we made a proposal for a new project, helped organize events and made various reports. I was also allowed to work on my university assignments during work hours which made it possible for me to travel throughout Japan in the weekends.

I enjoyed my time at ICA Japan very much, the staff was very nice and we had various opportunities to learn new things and explore our interests.

Amanda Liu, from Taiwan 

Intern from: December 2016 - August 2017


Interning at ICA Japan has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had so far in Japan. ICA Japan, with its small work force, has changed the lives of so many and continues to strive to ameliorate lives of people around the world. ICA Japan offers you the opportunity to not only learn about NGOs and NPOs, but also to put thoughts into action. 

Ruxandra Florea, from Romania 

Intern from: May 2017 - July 2017


I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree at Waseda University in Tokyo and my areas of focus are International Relations and Global Political Economy.  I have a passion for human rights, ethics and I like discovering different cultures from around the world.


While in my third year of studies, I am also interning at ICA Japan. I really enjoy the experience here and I feel that through this internship I am challenging and developing myself every day.


My main tasks are managing the social media and promoting ICA Japan’s activities online. I am trying to bring an effective contribution through my work, but that wouldn’t be possible without the helpful guidance from the ICA staffs. ICA Japan’s interesting and inspiring projects are the reasons why I applied for an internship. I feel that through the NPO’s activities I find out new things about cultures and countries around the globe. Because of ICA Japan, now I fully understand the importance of community development and facilitation.


I am really grateful for the chance to be interning here, even though my Japanese skills are limited.  I advise everyone who wants to be part of ICA Japan’s team to take a chance and apply for the internship. The time spent at ICA Japan will definitely help you develop your skills. 

Adnanibrahim Jeboiri, from Iraq 


I have worked with ICA since February 2017 and I have learned many things. ICA Japan is a great place to be working at. It has  wide knowledge about community development, providing aid and facilitation. Moreover, ICA Japan has a friendly team.


They are experts and you could learn many things by working with them. 

Mayu Tatsuki, from Japan 

Intern from: October 2016 - March 2017


I started my internship since October 2016. When I first came to the ICA office, there were 3 other interns from Germany and the Netherlands. Interns’ work has a lot in variety. In a process of the task, we have a lot of discussion to have more ideas and try to make a project more variety and fruitful. Also since November 2016, we, interns including a new intern from Italy, made a few workshops in the universities. We planned everything from the very beginning. Through these experiences, I have got many opportunities to actual practice what I have learnt in school. And I like to work with other interns and staff from ICA because by sharing our thoughts, new ideas are born. In the future, I would like to work for immigrants and minorities. All the experiences that I have had at ICA will be my treasure for life. 

Edwin Felix, from Netherlands 

Intern from: September 2016 - December 2016


As an ‘Asian Business administration’ student, I had previously gained experience by doing an internship at a commercial company. However, I wanted to learn more about the public interest, human development and social responsibility. These I find valuable competencies that are often neglected at a “traditional” commercial internship company.


At ICA Japan I learned how to apply my business-skills to an organization in the NPO-sector. I did this by closely working together with an ICA Japan affiliate who is engaged in the revitalization of rural areas in Japan. I was able to contribute with my analytical research skills and gained a lot of knowledge about Japanese culture while doing so.


One of my most memorable assignments was the chance to visit one of our project sites in Minamisouma, Fukushima. By assisting during this 3-day visit to the region, I was able to get a better understanding about the purpose and importance of ICA Japan’s activities in Fukushima. Talking with the people who had to forcefully leave their homes because of the nuclear disaster, gave me a unique first-hand insight on the current situation and shaped a better understanding of how people are affected by disasters like the one in Fukushima.


Internally, the main languages are English and Japanese. This international environment allowed me to participate in ICA activities despite my limited Japanese, while at the same time helped me improve my Japanese proficiency. If I did have questions, the staff has always shown to be very approachable and eager to help.


At ICA Japan you can be more than an assistant intern. You are given the tools, knowledge and guidance to be an active member of the team, and you are respected and treated that way. This made the internship much more meaningful and satisfying than I anticipated. I wish everybody who plans to engage in an internship at ICA Japan a lot of success and prosperity at this wonderful organization!    

Chaula Anindya, from Indonesia 

Intern from: October 2015 - December 2015


My internship at ICA Japan gave me a whole new experience for me who knows nothing about community development programs.


When I firstly came to ICA Japan they provided me with a business card with a title as “intern”, but a week later they changed my title as “media specialist”. I was honored to be trusted with such an important title. I was given an opportunity to visit a model farm in Chiba. This visit is a part of a project for an agroforestry program in Cote d’Ivoire. It was such a memorable experience because I could see the advance technologies that the Japanese farmers used. Indonesia is an agricultural country, thus I hope my observation from this visit could contribute something to my country.


 For the main assignments as a media specialist, I produced newsletters, brochures, new year’s post card, and also managed the website. I was in charge of the design and the content.


The staffs also challenged me to improve my Japanese skills because they recognized that I could actually speak a simple Japanese. Nevertheless, mostly I used English in the office that helped me to improve my English skill.


 ICA Japan is such a great place for you to improve your skills. ICA Japan gives you a great responsibility that will challenge you and makes you feel equally important with other staffs. I would gladly recommend ICA Japan for those who are looking for an internship program.