Human Development

Empowering Images, Values and Behavior


Pre-requisite: Group Facilitation Methods.


Organizational transformation often requires a values and behavioral change from everyone within the organization. Support individuals and group as they shift change from a personal fear into an empowering challenge. Practice the theory, methods and tools that allow success rather than failure to become the primary driver. Learn why ToP methods, based on decades of cross-cultural research, work so successfully in all situations and why the effect participants so profoundly.


Positive images of how people see themselves and each other can result in meaningful cultural and behavioral change. An organization's structures and systems as well as its culture can be shaped and molded in positive and sustainable ways.


Discover the framework for creative, powerful usage and understanding of all Technology of Participation methods. The processes in this course are transferable to all disciplines and are essential for supporting change.


Learn how to

  • Become a powerful facilitative leader, comfortable with your own struggles and those of your group.
  • Apply innovative methods to support behavioral change.
  • Enhance motivation to action, and reduce discouragement.
  • Equip yourself with deeper insight into the important linkages between philosophy, values, images and behavior. 


Who is it For?


Human Development is for leaders who want to enable genuine transformation and positive change. 

  • Organizational leaders will learn methods for lasting change.
  • Managers will discover ways to maintain positive engagement and motivation.
  • Community leaders will find ways to make deep change in the ways people relate to community change and development.
  • Facilitators will deepen their understanding of facilitation principles and transformative change.




  • Skills to deepen your facilitation.
  • An ability to motivate positive action.
  • Tools to find and respond to unhelpful behaviors.
  • Understanding of transformative processes.
  • Stronger connections between techniques and principles.
  • Tools that reinforce positive image and behavior. 





Day One

Images and behavior

  • Experiences of transformation
  • Changing images and behavior
  • Image shifting experience

Deeper human development

  • Limits and possibilities
  • Theory behind methods
  • Facilitator application

Day Two

Effective image change

  • Standing present to reality
  • Phases of image change
  • Shifting images exercises

Catalyzing change

  • Responsibility change
  • Messages in facilitation tools
  • Choosing tools


Day Three

Designing transformation

  • Daring to lead
  • Diagnosis and design process
  • Designing meetings and workshops

Transformational environment

  • Facilitating difficult situations
  • Ethical dilemmas and challenges
  • Applications 


When is this course given

To know when the next ToP® Human Development course will be given, please refer to our courses schedule.



*This course will be available in 2019.


Number of Participants: 24


Course Period: 3 days (9:00-17:00)


Price: ¥70,000 (¥30,000/day in case of booking only one day)


Discount: 10% for Government officers, 20% for NPO officers, 40% for University students