Organizational Transformation

Diagnose and Leverage System-wide Change

Pre-Requisite: Group Facilitation Methods


Change or transformation is the new norm for organizations. Use the most powerful set of diagnostics and models for analyzing and effectively enabling change in any organizational setting. The Social Process diagnoses drivers of change within whole systems. The Organizational Journey maps out the concrete evolution from one organizational type to another. The Dynamic Screen provides leveraged strategies for structural, behavioral and value changes.


This course gives facilitative leaders ways to see the whole picture and discern the shifts necessary for your organization to be what it needs to become. The tools will help your organization to be a dynamically changing force that is ahead of the pack. This course provides you with a whole systems approach to leading integrated organizational transformation.


Learn how to

  • Clarify the pressures and drivers forging transformation. 
  • Map out pathways and a concrete journey of change in any organization. 
  • Clarify alignment between behavior and values.
  • Diagnose systemic problems and create leveraged strategies and identify key change opportunities.
  • Engage all stakeholders and focus a group's energy for the most powerful impact. 

Learn to use powerful tools to effect transformational change

Tools to analyze societies and organisations:

  • Social Process Triangles
  • Organizational Journey Chart

Ways to move toward substantial change:

  • Understand factors leading change
  • Identify shifts your organization can make
  • Create strategies for positive change

Methods for facilitative leadership:

  • Elicit meaningful participation in change initiatives
  • From solid consensus and commitment to strategic initiatives
  • Gain skills in facilitative leadership styles



Who is it For?


Organizational Transformation is designed for facilitative leaders who want to use a culture of participation to bring about a positive transformation within your organization. It contains all the diagnostics, roadmaps and processes to enable this to happen.

  • Organizational leaders will learn tools for guiding a whole systems change.
  • Managers will gain insight into ways to enhance planning and organizational development.
  • Community leaders will be better able to lead long range planning.
  • Government officials will be able to focus strategic change and development initiatives.
  • Facilitators will gain tools for organizational development, change and transformation projects.




This course is essential to become a well paid certified consultant in Japan and abroad.


Another great value to you as a participant in conversations and strategy meetings, this gives you an authentic way to contribute to less intentional meetings and events. 


All ICA's ToP® methods have in common an individual and group empowerment value not necessarily explicitly stated in the methods, but implicitly visible in their impact and results. This course makes the transformation explicit for the facilitator and shows how.





Day One

Social processes

  • Societal Dynamics
  • The Social Process Triangles

 Social Analysis

  • Discerning Social Trends
  • Wave Analysis

Day Two

Organizational journey

  • Organizational Journey Chart
  • Mapping the Journey

 Organizational dynamics

  • Organizational Dynamics Screen
  • Using Leverage Points

Day Three

Contradictional Thinking 

  • Contradictional Approach
  • Discerning Contradictions

Depth Change

  • Values Clarification
  • Image Change


When is this course given

To know when the next ToP® Organizational Transformation course will be given, please refer to our courses schedule.



*This course will be available in 2019.


Number of Participants: 24


Course Period: 3 days (9:00-17:00)


Price: ¥70,000 (¥30,000/day in case of booking only one day)


Discount: 10% for Government officers, 20% for NPO officers, 40% for University students