Kenya Afforestation Project


There was a study which found that the world’s forests play an important role in climate change. Forest helps in vacuuming up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) and storing the carbon in wood. That helps in regulating CO2 concentrations in atmosphere and keeps the planet from overheating.

Bearing in mind this fact that our world needs more trees and plantations, ICA Japan works with numerous partners in planting deserted lands. ICA Japan is working together with ERCA, JIFPRO, and Cope Kenya on demo afforestation project in Kenya. We are conducting the project in several locations, including Loiyangalani, Ngoni Primary School, Serima Village, Nagan Village, and Kiwanjya Village.


This project is a community-based project which involves the community and students around the area. We are not only giving the seedlings, water, or equipment but we also educate them in order to maintain the sustainability of this project. Now students and women can grow their own trees.


We have seen great development throughout each location. We will successfully transform the deserted lands into green areas. Thus, we are looking forward to grow more plants in other areas and also engage broader communities to work hand-in-hand with us.

Global Festa 2016, Odaiba in Tokyo


    About 100.000 visitors


                           269 organizations in two days


Why did we participate?

To create Awareness about ICA 


What did we do?

Distribute project information

Sell local products

Workshop for jewelry making led by our creative minded interns!

                       Have a look at our Gallery!


We enjoyed the event again a lot and looking forward to next year!

London Environmental Activities Presentation

by ICA Director Shizuyo Sato


Executive Director Shizuyo Sato of ICA Japan went to London August 18 t0 24 to present ICA Japan's global environmental activities, and to share her insights about what is required in the future.  This is the english presentation given to over 200 attendees at the conference.


Download Presentation


  • Women are finding markets in Societies (housing groups) on their own.
  • Mulshi Taluka government gave the women a stall for two days in a week to sell their products; these days are market days, when many people come for office work and market.
  • Women are putting their stalls at village festivals and selling products.
  • A local politician woman is helping them to get a market in the Industrial area.
  • Nearby village sarpanch (leader) has been ordering some products.
  • A food selling license has been applied to the government; they will get the license in a month.
  • Tailoring class started by ICA and Cooperative of 13 women are taking 3 months training.
  • Planning to start a beauty parlor and also by collecting money from beneficiaries, and if there is a shortage, ICA Pune will pay.
  • Restaurant is run by 7 women on their own and earning sufficient for their employment.
  • Cooperative is collecting monthly Rs. 100 as saving from members. They have collected about Rs. 36,000; they give loans to individuals or small groups for business starting.
  • 3 women in Katarkhadak grow vegetables together, like potatoes, cabbage, beans, garlic, onion etc.
  • Similarly in Kemsewadi two women are growing vegetables.
  • Khamboli women are growing spices in their kitchen garden.
  • There are many farmers growing vegetables and other crops, and as a group, some women are starting this as a business.
  • Katarkhadak irrigation scheme pump house was moved to an appropriate place by farmers themselves, collecting money on their own. They are planning to construct a tank for animal drinking water and a place for women to wash clothes.
  • Khamboli irrigation system was repaired by themselves.
  • Our staff – one field officer and 4 women, continue working as ICA staff without salary.
  • Talegaon 5 women visited village and would like to associate with village women group to sell products.
  • They have also arranged a summer camp for school children at EEC in May.
  • Regular monthly meetings are arranged and held.


         Shankar Jadhav reporting from Pune India 

Global Conference on Human Development 2018 is open for Proposals


The next ICA Hosted Global Conference on Human Development will be in 2018. ICAI is open to new modes of conferencing, such as holding it with a partner organization, having three regional conferences tied together with internet, and having one ICA host the 2018 Global Conference open to all who are deeply concerned with crossing the Gap into the New Reality. Contact us for more information.


Countries which have expressed interest in the 2018 Global Conference are: Netherlands, Ukraine, and the U.S.A.