Planting trees in the semi-desert area of Loiyangalani

"Planting trees in Loiyangalani"

Sponsor: Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency


Duration: May 2017 - March 2018 

Location: 4 villages in Loiyangalani, southeast of Lake Turkana, Marsabit County

Chronic drought resulted from excessive deforestation and livestock grazing in the area has caused many problems for the local dwellers in Loiyangalani. When a serious drought afflicted the are in 2007, ICA Japan provided aid by installing water supply facilities and distributing food. It is urgent to raise awareness of the local dwellers to restore the environment, as serious drought can develop to severe famine.


Our activities:

  1. Planting multi-purpose trees

  2. Investigate the rooting rate of planned trees

  3. Agroforestry training and vegetable seeds distribution

  4. Area development training

  5. Leadership training


Posted September 7, 2018

School Meal Project

The area of Loiyangalani is 850 km away from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It takes 3 days to travel there by car, which makes the location very inaccessible. The malnutrition rate is very high as it is difficult to provide aid to the villages. Since 2007, the villages have been suffering from chronic drought, which has resulted in insufficient food and water supplies.


Many students in the are relying on food provided by their schools because there is barely any food at home. The meals provided by the government do not reach Loiyangalani due to distance. This is the main reason why continuing to provide school meals in Kenyan schools is crucial to increase school attendance in the remote area.


Sadly, students being absent or even dropping out of school are a common occurrence when schools do not provide meals. To prevent this from happening, having standard school meals is the biggest way to improve the health and literacy rate of the children in Loiyangalani.


ICA Japan has already provided 441 students from Titus Ngoyoni Primary School with meals.


"School Meal Project"

Sponsor: Tablecross, Inc.


Duration: Since 2015 

Location: Titus Ngoyoni Primary School, Loiyangalani, Marsabit County








Posted September 7, 2018

"One Student One Green" at 3 Primary Schools in Isinya

Most of the local dwellers in Isinya are nomads. The Kenyan government has no educational or environmental laws regarding trees. In recent years, in addition to chronic drought, deforestation by excessive livestock grazing has become an issue. Therefore, we urgently need to increase awareness of the dwellers and restore the environment. 


Our activities:

"One Student One Green" Activity


"One Student One Green" is an activity which aims to provide environmental education by distributing seedlings to primary school students; teaching them to plant and take responsibility to care for their trees. 3 primary schools have been involved in this project, with 2,160 trees being planted. ICA Japan has invited local specialists to help and instruct the students on "how to plant, water, and take care of trees" and "the importance of trees and environmental protection". The selected seedlings to plant were based on the usefulness of the plants (such as if it is eatable), and for medical purposes (to improve the children's nutrition).

"One Student One Green"

Sponsors: National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization, Rotary Club of Fujisawa East 


Duration: July 2017 - February 2018 

Location: 3 Primary Schools in Isinya








Posted September 7, 2018

Afforestation and Water Supply Management




Afforestation Project 

Empyiakat Village and Olenkotila School in Isinya, Kenya


From Feb 27th to Nov 1st in 2015


Funded by : International Association for Liberal Religions Women (IALRW)

SORRY! For a while, only Japanese is available. Please enjoy the photos below.



日本では少子高齢化が進み、人口も減少していますが、世界的には2025年に81億人に達すると言われています。つい1万年前までは100万人しかいなかった人口ですが、今世紀終わりには100億人に達します。そうなると食糧問題や環境問題は言うまでもなく、土地の劣化、砂漠化、気候変動、水問題、エネルギー、健康などの様々な問題が起こり、さらに貧困が増えることも予想されます。すでにアフリカでは、そのような現象が起こっています。1日1.25ドル未満で暮らしている人々が、1981年には2億人でしたが、2008年には3億8000万人に増え、しかも世界の貧しい人々の3分の1は、アフリカに集まっているのです。ICAはこれらのことを考え、植林の実施を行っています。 折しも2014年に国際自由宗教婦人連盟(IALRW)が、一緑運動を開始し、ICAジャパンはその支援を受けて、2015年2月にイシニア郡の学校で、一人の子供が一本の木を植える運動を行いました。樹木は干ばつに強いニーム、サバンナアカシア、バラニテス等200本の木を植えました。結果として食料や水の確保、地域住民の生活環境の改善に貢献すると願っています。




ケニアも干ばつ、食料不足、水不足に直面しています。ケニアの全土地面積5,804万haのうちのたった6%しか森林面積がありません。人口は4,275万人で赤道直下に位置し、熱帯サバンナ気候です。 イシニア郡はナイロビから南西70kmにあり、現在も厳しい干ばつが続いています。狩猟民族であるマサイ族は、これまで木を植えたことがなく、家畜の過放牧で砂漠化が始まり、水や食料が不足、ようやく植林が必要であるという意識が高まってきました。そこで植林場所として、イシニア地区Empyiakat(エンピヤカット)村、オレンコティラ小学校(Olenkotila School)を選びました。

(Update) ICAJ's director visits Kenya

In the last week of September, our director Shizuyo Sato, went to Kenya to aid with the tree planting project. During her time in there, she and 65 students planted 3000 trees in 6 communities. The communities were thought the various reasons why trees are important, for example the fact that they help provide necessary shade from the sun, food, medicine, rain and animals. During her trip she also analyzed trees that were previously planted for this project and saw that 71% of trees planted in 2016 survived. 3 types of trees adapted particularly well to the area; the Neem tree, Moringa tree and Salvadora tree. 


Several communities also cited water shortage as one of their main challenges. Going forward we hope to be able to work with them on that issue and on the success of our tree planting activities.


Posted October 26, 2017


Water Distribution System

700 km away from Nairobi, Kenya-Royangarani village is a region wherre 10 minority tribes, of about 30,000 people are living. They continued to wait for water for 20 years! ICA completed the long-awaited water distribution system in 2012!. Joy of women who had been fetching water from long distances was overwhelming. This project was funded by Japan Platform. The children waiting for a school lunch sincerely appreciate the support now.

ICA Japan has worked in Kenya for about 15 years. Presented here is the most recent activities, in the form of a comprehensive report with lots of detailed photos.



Download the report at your convenience!