Renovating Learning Center for Women and Children to strengthen local community

Changu Narayan village, Bhaktapur District, Nepal



Duration: 2016/3/10-2017/3/9 

Funded by  MOFA and Japan Washi Art Association


The effects of the earthquake in April of 2015 were dramatic. About 9,000 people died and more than 25,000 were injured. In the consequence of the quake,the learning centre was severely damaged.


The centre, which is managed by local women, provides a platform for multiple activities in order to strengthen the community. ICA Japan envisions to encourage people to participate actively in changes for their own life. 

empowering women in society

Disposable Sanitary Napkin Production

Due to the circumstances and cultural influence of the practice called Chhaupadi, women are suffering from exclusion of society, lack of knowledge about sanitation & hygiene, and no access to low cost disposable sanitary pads. Especially in the rural mountain areas, every month during their menstrual period girls are not able to attend school and have to stay in a shed. Thus, leading them to miss classes and eventually quit schooling.


In order to help women receive education, participate in the community and have equal chances in society, ICA Japan together with ICA Nepal and the village women, has begun a new project. The production and marketing of disposable sanitary pads generates a great opportunity for women’s income generation as well as fulfilling basic human needs.

Our activities

Training for Women by ICA Japan Director Shizuyo Sato
Training for Women by ICA Japan Director Shizuyo Sato

Educational projects for reading and writing

- Micro credits

- Selling of handmade crafts

- Health checks

- Conservation of the Environment

- Sustainable Agriculture

- Protection from HIV and AIDS


Thus, the learning centre has been playing an important role in improving the living standards of the Changunarayan community.                                                                         


In this year’s project, we started the renovation of the damaged building which is expected to be finished in December 2016.

Our activities mainly concern women, elderly people and children. All of them are affected by the earthquake and suffering from unequal treatment within their society.

ICA facilitates for independence and assists in overcoming stressful experiences such as the earthquake.

Introduced was a mental care program for children with counseling and a playground built around the learning centre.

Also a community club for the elderly population has been founded and activities range from counseling to specific issue trainings, such as the right way of breathing.


Nepal Changunarayan Project Movie made by ICA Nepal Staff 2016

Learning centre


The Nepal Learning Centre is being constructed on a mountain top overlooking Kathmandu. The opening ceremony was attended by Shizuyo Sato and Wayne Ellsworth from Japan. This centre was made possible with funds from MOFA and Washi Arts Japan.


Self reliance promotion



Self Reliant Women gain self-hood through learning skills and knowledge of Sustainable Agriculture.