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Report on International Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018 in Nepal


Since last year, ICA Nepal has been working on the project “Awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Management”. They aim to reach 5000 Nepali girls and women through this awareness project. Up until this day, they have conducted awareness programs in 10 different public and private schools and have reached out to almost 1000 girls and women. Time and time again ICA Nepal also carries out follow up activities in those schools. While carrying out the awareness program, they form a Surakshya Club. Surakshya means “protection” in English. By forming the Surakshya Club, they mobilize the youth to maintain the menstrual friendly environment in the school and make sure menstrual hygiene kits are available.  


On the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th 2018, an awareness program on “Menstrual Hygiene” was conducted for the Surakshya Club of Glen Buds Secondary School.  The event was successfully directed with the close cooperation of ICA Nepal and the Rotary Club of Rudramati Kathmandu. Around 40 people including the school’s students and staffs were present. #NoMoreLimits which was the theme for this year.


The program was facilitated by Mr. Kamlesh Chaurasiya, advisor for the club and School Coordinator and Ms. Yashoda Nepali, Program Officer for ICA Nepal and also work as a mentor for the club.  


The main motive of this program is to make the youth aware of the importance of maintaining hygiene during periods and the roles of individuals to abolish malpractices during menstruation. Mr. Chaurasiya inspired the students with his virtuous speech, where he mentioned “We all exists because females and they go through menstruation cycle”. He added “Bleeding is not a shame but it’s a sign that one’s body is functioning well”. 


Ms. Manzeela Basnet, one of the active members from the club talked about necessity of hygiene during menstruation and how the school can play a vital role in this. She urged that each school should have menstrual friendly environment. She also shared the activities they carried out through the Suraksha Club. She explained that, as suggested by the ICA team, they have been collecting 5 Rs. every month from each students and utilizing that amount for maintaining the menstrual friendly toilet, they even wrote an application requesting the school administration to fix the ceiling of the toilet which was damaged for so long. They started the wall magazine where every week they post some articles and information on menstrual hygiene.



At the end of the program every members came up with a notes against wicked menstruation practice according to the theme #NoMoreLimits.



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Nepal - "Let's Talk Period!" Campaign


Our fundraising project revolves around the tradition Chhaupadi - the act of banishing women from houses, schools, etc. This tradition is still widely practiced despite the fact that the Supreme Nepalese Court deemed it to be illegal. Nepalese people lack the adequate knowledge and information regarding the need to maintain menstrual hygiene. Women's rights are being violated. Girls who are missing school are being subject to rape, abductions, animal attacks and face many more dangerous situations. 


Our fundraising project is about peaceful menstruation for girls. To educate both men and women about the female body, to enable girls to go to school full time, and to make it possible for them to go home proudly aware of what is happening as they become young women! 


We need your help to fund low cost but strong sanitary pads, and to train women to successfully make and distribute these pads, and to successfully train young girls. By next April, we want to help and educate 5000 young girls. It is our responsibility to educate Nepalese people and help them to break this period taboo. 



Thank you for your donations and continued support!


Click on the link to donate - GlobalGiving "Let's Talk Period!" 



Working with ICA Nepal, we are nearly ready to work with GlobalGiving to raise funds for ending the ancient practice of Chhaupadi, the traditional act of banishing girls and women from houses, schools, during their Period, which 

is still widely practiced. Nepalese people lack the adequate knowledge and information regarding the need to maintain menstrual hygiene, which may lead to serious reproductive health issues.

Yet we all know that during the time of their monthly period, girls are in need of personal washing places, sanitary napkins and comfort. Our project "Lets talk period!" has a clear goal. We will provide the production of low cost sanitary napkins and transformational hygiene education to 5000 young women.

You can help us in this goal. Please tell everyone about this noble project and prepare to support us in September. We must raise on-line donations of at least US$5000. from 40 or more concerned people. Next month, we will fill you in on how to support us with as little as $10, which is only one nice meal at a restaurant.


After we succeed with this particular campaign, we can enter other ICA projects needing support.