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The Empowerment of Rural Women Residents

Empowerment programs and women empowerment of rural residents began in 2008 in four villages India, Maharashtra state, of Mulshi district. It is showing a change in the women of the area in 2013, currently for women's enterprises, agriculture, dairy, tree planting, irrigation, etc. Increasing economic strength for the women with technical skills and adding to the family's income, social participation has become possible. Supported by Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Participatory Community Workshop
Participatory Community Workshop


Year 2012 to 2013 at Mulshi Taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra, India.


The project is in Partnership with ICA Japan and JICA- Japan International Corporation Agency, Japan. ICA Japan and ICA India were the implementing Partnership.


During and after the evaluation of our Poverty Reduction Project implemented during the year 2008- 2011, it was learned that the Existing Management System needs to be strengthened to make the project self running on its own, which means training and journeying the Cooperatives members, committees and beneficiaries in the methods of managing the projects.


Key projects implemented during the 2008-11 were, 20 Bio gas constructed in 4 villages, Lift Irrigation in two villages currently run by two different cooperatives, Milk Dairy run by one cooperative, and agro forestry and tree plantation by all the beneficiaries.


The second learning was that we found less participation of women in all the projects. Therefore, it was decided to empower women through various trainings including soft skills and technical/hard skills, so that they can start income generating businesses and get their status upgraded with the family and village.


Following were the programmes for final two years:



  • Empowering women to increase their status in family and village and increase of their participation in village development including decision making.
  • Strengthening the Committees and Cooperatives (management system) to carry out projects on their own, moving towards self sustenance.
  • Output through training.
  • Nurture the leadership through monthly meetings and training.
  • Activate the exchange program in the community to learn from each other.
  • Strengthen the team work among the beneficiaries and leadership.
  • Promote Sustainable self development.
  • Making women self sufficient through income generating activity.



  • Leadership Development Training – 4 villages – 3 days – 3 times.
  • Dairy Management Training – 3 days – 2 times.
  • Sustainable Agriculture & Agro forestry Training – 3 days – 2 times.
  • Monthly Meetings with Capacity building Training in each village for 2 hours-
  • (Khamboli on 5th , Andhale on 10th, Katarkhadak on 15th, & Kemsewadi on 20th.)
  • Women’s Empowerment Training – 3 days – 4 times.
  • Women’s Business Setup Training, Technical – 1 day -10 times.
  • 12 women’s group will be supported to set up business.
  • Study Tour - 1 day – 2 times


"We believe that the sustainability objective will be met, and that these successful villages will attract many observers."


This is the 5 year report of the activities in Pune, India. While the text is currently in Japanese, the abundant photos adequately reveal the work behind the transformation of these four villages.


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 Further Information

This is Leadership Training facilitated by the trained local staff.