VIETNAM - Improving Hanoi's Environmental Future


By the grant of Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program, ICA Japan in cooperation with the Association of Vegetable Rafts in Chiba Prefecture, 10 vegetable rafts were put on Thanh Cong lake in Hanoi in 2012. The Thang Cong lake was the project site that was contaminated with human sewage, dead fish and blue-green algae, and also many people would dump rubbish into the lake. Because of that, 10 vegetable rafts were put on the lake by the grant of Japan volunteer postal savings in 2008 in order to raise the environmental awareness of residents.


Aquatic plants grown in rafts on the lake absorbed the polluted water. Therefore, they cleaned up the water. This project was a continuation of the previous project, and was intended primarily to transfer technology skills to local staff. Local materials were used, and then rafts were produced while teaching the local staff carefully. These Vietnamese built rafts were intended not inferior to ones made in Japan. In addition, the investigation of the possibility of using effective microorganisms to purify river, and environmental education for students attending elementary and junior high school near the lake were implemented.


These floats were a great environmental addition to the lake. At first, they were resisted, but now they ask for more and a few people spent days on the float, fishing for the now eatible fish from the cleaned pond.




The following pdf is a detailed report, well worth your time to open and enjoy.


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Purification of Vietnam Lakes

Untreated domestic waste water flows into the Tankon man-made lake in Hanoi, Vietnam. Blue-green algae and bad smells occur in the summer, and dead fish float on lake. Results of an attempt of purification using the EM fungus, and specially selected plants with 2 meter long roots eere put on floats to clean the lake. Hanoi is transfering technology to other lakes. This is a joint project of ICA, Ikadanokai (rafts), and Gada water purifying company. Support is from the Toyota Motor Corporation.