Newsletter Number 43 

Message from the Vice Chairman Mr. Kurokawa and reviews of our projects in Japan, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Nepal and India. (2017)


*In Japanese

Newsletter Number 42 

Review of our major projects as well as a message from Mr. Kurokawa. (2016)

Newsletter Number 41

Message from director Shizuyo Sato and report on our different projects(2015)


*In Japanese

Newsletter Number 40

Message from Director Shizuyo Sato, and six projects, past and future, in review. (2014)


*In Japanese

Newsletter 39, contains letter from the former director, Mr. Hashiba, adventures with raising Japanese strawberries (Ichiro), and more . . . (2013)


*In Japanese

Newsletter 38

reporting on projects in Japan and around the world (2012)


*In Japanese

Newsletter 37

Fukushima is highlighted with multiple partners including JPF, AmeriCares, and more! (2011)


*In Japanese

Newsletter 36

Starting with a key message from our Director, Shizuyo Sato (2010)


*In Japanese

Newsletter 35

Featuring responding to ravaging floods on the outskirts of Manila (2009)


*In Japanese

Newsletter 34

The 7th Global Conference on Human Development held in Gifu Japan (2008)


*In Japanese

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